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GoFundMe for Artists:
Anyone who reads this regularly knows I do not go around asking for money. But today I have a cause that makes me do so: Debbie Vinograd, sister of the famed poet Julia Vinograd, is losing her apartment of 40 years (sad story, I won't bother you now) and thus the storage space for her lifetime of outstanding paintings. Some friends and I are raising money for 18 months of storage so we can photograph & find homes for them, such as the UCB Archives where they can be seen & enjoyed by all. She herself is going into long-term care.
We only have $1700 yet to go and every $10 matters! If you feel inclined to help, go here:

And if you have any ideas for people who would give some paintings a home, please contact me, Deborah Fruchey, at debrathon at



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