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Submission Calls — January 2024 and beyond...

I draw all readers’ attention to the following group on Facebook: “Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art):” 35517751475/? multi_permalinks=10157763449366476



*Dark Thirty Publishing, Adam Shove:*
With a new year comes a call for a new anthology, so this year my theme is
starting again. I have found over the past few months so many of my friends
and poets in my community were in various states of flux in their personal
lives. The project doesn't currently have a title, though I think it'll
come from a submission this time, and the money made from it will go to
either a women's domestic violence charity or Shelter. The submissions will
be open for the full year with a release date for 2025. I can't wait to see
what you all submit.
As always a maximum of five poems, no word count, no line count and email
through to
The Bayard Rustin Symposium is asking for poets. The annual event will take
place this year on April 6, 2024 at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum
at 734 Marin Street. 11 AM to 10 PM. If interested contact Anna Bergman for
details at The late Q.R. Hand performed at the
event in the past.
For any of you who may be unfamiliar with the Civil Rights activist Bayard
Rustin, here is his Wikipedia.
The 2023 biopic about him called *Rustin* is currently streaming on Netflix.



Poets for Science is collecting poems here:




The Chicken Soup series has open submission calls on Various topics:
Cats - June 30th
Dogs - June 30th
Winter Holidays - April 30th
Funny Stories - April 30th
Miracles - February 28th
Thinking Positive - February 28th
Read these three links to get an idea of what they are looking for:
- Story Guidelines
- Submissions FAQ <>
- Submit Your Story
They do not send rejection notices, so if you hear nothing after a few
months, assume you were not selected. If you are selected, it is a paid
opportunity. Publication happens between 6 months and 2 years after the


Israel/Palestine Anthologies

Here is one that is for Gaza from an organization in the UK.
You can request more info on submission requirements by emailing
Calling all poets and creatives with a conscience!
We are collecting and compiling a significant anthology in aid of Palestine.
Please contribute your work on this theme, adding your voices to the
challenge, sending it in to the contact detail in the image!
Rabbi Menachem Creditor of New York has another call for poems benefitting
the UJA of New York. (All disclosure on what organizations UJA funds is
here: ) The anthology is called Writing of Love in
Time of War. by 6 AM PT on February 2nd.


Links in this bulletin are not live. Copy and paste into your browser.






Feb 3:


The Nuana anthology series is currently seeking submissions from writers
with Pacific Island connections, heritage, or residency. Deadline is
February 3rd.
Submit via Google
The Google form has some guidelines, but full guidelines are posted as
images on this Facebook
(VPS note: Apologies for the accessibility issues that this causes.

Submit your story or poem using this link:
<[0]=AT3tNw1z98FOd6QHunTthQz0ZdW6hTjenfqzADkWUp0e5iwE9ybKUZqRpXVA5O6Dtwryv8bXmuey3xxcqta3j7fRFHjwLqy7EF4rRplRddC0wgJb7 59uk-Mr51fuxmcZPFXnUlMiI2QsjQIqE4_BsiVhuE8NUGi3BOHn81ddM60xUmwV4bH7HuHkjs_-Em2ST4WHLl6HP3tWD6gwfx2NOSEJGbWdlTp1Sf3t>


Feb 10:

*Rainbows in a Dew Drop anthology by Ink Dew Publications*
Due date 10 February, 2024
Editor: Rupa Rao
Submission Guidelines:
- Each poet may submit upto 3 original unpublished poems.
- Poems should be 10-20 lines each.
- The publisher reserves the right to reject any poems.
- Offensive language or sentiments will not be accepted.
- Please avoid themes of religion and politics.
- Poet will need to purchase a minimum of one copy of the anthology.
Full info and submission form here:

Feb 11:

*Remembering Audre Lorde*
The Black feminist, lesbian, poet, mother, warrior Audre Lorde was a native
New Yorker and daughter of immigrants. Both her activism and her published
work speak to the importance of struggle for liberation among oppressed
peoples and of organizing in coalition across differences of race, gender,
sexual orientation, class, age and ability. An internationally recognized
activist and artist, Audre Lorde was the recipient of many honors and
awards, including the Walt Whitman Citation of Merit, which conferred the
mantle of New York State poet for 1991-93. In designating her New York
State's Poet Laureate, Governor Mario Cuomo observed: "Her imagination is
charged by a sharp sense of racial injustice and cruelty, of sexual
prejudice…She cries out against it as the voice of indignant humanity.
Audre Lorde is the voice of the eloquent outsider who speaks in a language
that can reach and touch people everywhere." Write a poem about or inspired
by Andre Lorde.
*Deadline February 11, 2024 11:59 PM*
Submit Now

Feb 14:

Cats charity anthology:
Submissions are now open for an upcoming charity poetry anthology, which
will be put together by Leanne Cooper, to raise money for Stray Cat Rescue
Team West Midlands.
SCRT are an amazing rescue, whose wonderful volunteers go above and beyond
to rescue, rehabilitate, love, and find homes for as many cats as possible.
As a result, they have incredibly high vet bills, on top of the day to day
costs of caring for these beautiful animals. I am hoping that with this
anthology, we can raise a decent amount in order to help them chip away at
the mounting vet bills, and to provide SCRT with a continuous way of
raising money via on going books sales once the book is published and
available to purchase.
Please read the guidelines below if you would like to submit your work for
Submission Guidelines:
1. Min £1 donation per poem, up to 5 poems, to be made via PayPal, either
directly to SCRT @straycatrescueteamWM (proof needed) made to family &
friends, with Ref: charity poetry anthology, or to Leanne Cooper:
@leacooper7 , again, using family & friends and Ref: charity poetry
anthology, to be donated to SCRT once submission window has closed.
2. Donation does not guarantee acceptance. All poems will be selected by a
judging panel.
3. Poems to be family friendly, on the subject of 'cats', or 'owning cats'
and no more than 40 lines. Maximum 5 poems to be submitted.
4. Poems to be submitted as an attachment in .Doc, or .RTF with poem title
as file name, to with subject 'cat poetry
submission'. Please do not add your name to the attachment, as poems will
be judged blind, but please leave your name, poem titles, and contact
details in the body of the email.
5.Submissions close at 11:59pm on 14th February 2024. Any submissions
entered after that time will not be accepted.
For more information please email keeping
the subject as 'cat poetry submission'. Thank you!

Feb 15: (2)

*Raayan Media:*
Raayan Media seeks thrilling travel stories, travelogues, travel essays and
poetry submissions for publication in its anthology "Chasing Sunsets: An
Anthology of Travel Memories" (Expected release: End February 2024).
The final date of submission is Feb 15, 2024
Email your oeuvres as MS Word attachment at in
Calibri 12 font.
Submission Guidelines:
· Travel stories, travelogues, travel essays: Max 2500 words
· Poems: Max 20 lines
· Each contributor may submit up to 3 original unpublished stories,
travelogues, travel essays or poems.
· Publisher reserves the right to reject any of the submissions.
· Offensive language and obscene content will not be accepted.
· Please avoid themes of religion and politics.
At present, we are unable to pay our contributors. Each contributor shall
receive a COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL COPY of the anthology as soon as it's
The book will be published with an ISBN and will be available for purchase
on distribution platforms.
We invite submissions from all authors and poets, regardless of their
previous publication experience.


Opening January 1st, Deadline 15 February
Anthology call from Notable Works, Connections Nurtured Through Nature's
Apologies for those using screen readers, the publisher website uses low
resolution jpeg images instead of text.
The basic gist is below.
Full guidelines at:
12 pt Times New Roman, no more than 66 characters per line, no more than 50
lines including blank lines
Up to 3 poems about nature
Each poem in a separate word doc
Attach another doc with 125 word bio
Attach an additional cover letter containing name, postal address, email,
and telephone is optional
Previously unpublished poems only

Feb 16:

Submission form is located on the website at:
Our aim is to support writers whose voices and stories – about unreported
or seldom-publicised social, environmental and cultural issues – may
otherwise go unheard.
Profits from anthology sales go directly to the *Compassiviste Foundation*
<> and are used to support its work
wherever the need is greatest.
From memoirs by refugees and asylum seekers to photo collections
spotlighting both environmental hope and decay, as well as poetry and short
stories, Compassiviste's anthologies aim to inspire a just, inclusive
society by challenging the status quo and raising awareness of inequality
and social injustice. Whereas many mainstream publishers shy away from
these difficult topics, they have and will always remain our publishing
We welcome essays, poems, and short stories up to 5,000 words in length for
consideration in our quarterly anthology. If you have a powerful message to
share, we would love to hear from you.
Our current theme is: *Visions for Peace *
Submissions close: *February 16th 2024*


Feb 28:


for its Yearly International Anthology titled GLOBAL POETIC ETHOS.
Submission Deadline: 28-02-2024
Please read carefully the guidelines before submission:
1. Submit 5(Five) poems in a single word File on any subject.
2. Use 12 Font (Times New Roman).
3. Poems from AI tools will be rejected.
4. Submission must be Plagiarism free.
5. Only unpublished poems will be accepted.
6. Translated or Trans-created poems are welcomed but it is compulsory to
mention the name of Translator at the end of every poem.
7. There is no submission fee however the book can be bought from global
8. Please prepare your submission carefully.
9. You must agree with the terms and conditions.
10. Your submission will be considered proof of your agreement and as such,
no additional contract will be required for publication to proceed.
11. You must include the following statement with your submission--- "I
agree with the submission guidelines for the Anthology titled GLOBAL POETIC
12. Submissions are open to all authors of all continents but selection
process will be undertaken by the Editorial Board only...
13. Submissions must include Title of every Poem.
14. Submissions must include the Author's Bio within 50 words in third
person and a recent Photo.
15. You are also requested to share your WhatsApp no for better
16. Copyright of the submitted work remains with the original submitter.
17. Published Anthology will be available on all global platforms.
18. Poems will be selected on the basis of merit by the Editorial Board
Debajyoti Chakraborty
Dr. Ratan Ghosh


Feb 29: (2)

Sliced Up Press is looking for your queerest horror fiction & poetry for *Slay
and Slay Again! An Anthology of Queer Horror*. Whether you want to embrace
tropes or tear them to pieces, we want to see what queer horror means to
*Deadline for submissions*: 29th February 2024
Details located here:



*Wordrunner: *
The theme is: *DISPLACEMENT*. This can be anything from physical
displacement (moving, emigrating, exile) to estrangement or emotional or
spiritual shifts.
For poetry: Surprise and delight us with fresh language and
boundary-breaking daring. Show us something we have never seen before, but
have always felt is true. Uncover or discover a new mode of expression,
inextricably wed to its message.
Submit up to three poems (no longer than a page each) or three flash
fictions (500 to 1,000 words each), or one short story, novel or CNF/memoir
excerpt, or a personal essay (up to 5,000 words). There are separate
categories for each genre (poetry, fiction, nonfiction).
Due February 29th.
Full submission guidelines here:


March 1: (2)

Verses of April Homage to the Living Poet Vol IV - Deadline March 1 2024


Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP): Anthology call seeking submissions
from veterans, service members, military spouses, family members, and
caregivers. Deadline is March 1, 2024. Theme is partnership. Full details
and specifications at the link below:



March 3: (2)

International Women's Day 2024
March 8 is International Women's Day, celebrated in many countries around
the world as a day when women are recognized for their achievements without
regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural,
economic or political. You are invited to participate in extraordinary,
global, multi- media events to educate, enlighten, and empower women and
girls worldwide in March 2024.
On International Women's Day, we will extend a Call to All Women to use
their intellectual, nurturing, and creative skills to move the world from
where it is now to where we believe it can be in 2030. We will use
International Women's Day as an annual catalyst.
Write a poem in the spirit of International Women's Day.
*Deadline:* March 3, 2024
*Event:* March 10, 2024
*Submission Guidelines:* Please submit *one* poem for our International
Women's Day anthology.
*Keep this poem limited to 35 lines total.* When determining the total line
length for each poem, include spaces between stanza (ex: a poem of 5
couplets would equal 14 lines). Numbers or section breaks should also be
included as lines when calculating the total line length. Count an epigraph
as 3 extra lines. A line that has more than 60 characters (including spaces
and punctuation) should be counted as two lines. If lines are staggered
like a Ferlinghetti poem, estimate the width of the line.
The final book will be printed in 11 point Garamond font on pages that are
4.5 inches wide. Poems with lines longer than 4.5 inches may be changed or
denied due to printing constraints.
For questions or inquiries, please email Larry Robin at
** <>
*Biography Submission Guidelines:*
Please include a biography between *50 to 100 words* that focuses on your
writing career and poetry itself.




*Save Chinatown*
We invite writers of all experience levels to submit poems about or in
response to the fight to preserve neighborhoods, preserve culture, and
against displacement or gentrification. Writing can be about Chinatown, UC
Townhomes, Stadium Stompers, or any other movements in Philadelphia. - At
least 50% of the poems in the collection will be from people who live,
work, or operate a business in Philadelphia Chinatown.
We strongly encourage submissions from those who identify as Black,
Indigenous, person of color and/or LGBTQ+. We also especially encourage
work from young people and elders. Submissions may be in Chinese.
The Save Chinatown Coalition includes: Pennsylvania United Chinese
Coalition, Philadelphia Chinatown Dragon Boat Team, Asian Americans United,
Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School, Chinese Restaurant Association
of Greater Philadelphia, Concerned Citizens of Chinatown Association,
Philadelphia Suns, and Asian Arts Initiative.
*Deadline March 3, 2024 11:59 PM*
Submit Now

March 8:

World Oceans Day anthology due March 8th


March 15: (4)


Emerge has posted their guidelines today.
eMerge Magazine proudly presents The Nikki Hanna Literary Challenge—an
extraordinary opportunity for writers to showcase their talent and
creativity on a prestigious platform. As an esteemed online literary
magazine, eMerge is dedicated to celebrating the written word, and The
Nikki Hanna Literary Challenge is the perfect avenue to do just that. To
participate, visit our website at
to find detailed guidelines and submission information.



Making Room - Open NOW
We are accepting submissions for our 2024 zine, *Making Room*. We will be
accepting poetry and flash fiction on the theme of acceptance. In a world
that often seems irreparably divided by differences, acceptance serves as a
bridge that connects us, reminding us of our shared humanity. Acceptance,
or the struggle to accept, can influence our relationships, our outlook on
life, and our well-being. Whether it's accepting our own limitations,
accepting challenging situations beyond our control, or holding space for
any of the hundreds of facets of human existence that invite judgment,
isolation, or torment, we want to hear about your struggles with and your
victories in being accepted, in accepting, in making room.
Please consider the theme and read the guidelines carefully.
Submissions close March 15th.
Submission Guidelines —>


*Universal Table:*
We invite stories, creative non-fiction, memoir and poetry that explore the
intricacies of the in-law, half, and step-conditions from every
position—parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, uncles, aunts—and
what it means for those many of us who oscillate between these conditions,
often in more than one family constellation.
*Deadline: *3/15/24
Up to 5 poems.
Full submission guidelines here:





March 24:

 Voices Israel unthemed anthology series- Deadline March 24, 2024

March 30: (2)

*Inner Child Press - Being Human anthology*
Being Human . . . a poetic plea for humanity . . .
Note, the theme is as the title says!!!
Open for Submissions February 1st, 2024
Closing : March 30th, 2024
Publishing May 2024
1 Poem
1 Bio of 50 words or less
Picture of the Poet
(please send submissions as an attachment)
This project is wholly underwritten by . . .
Inner Child Press International
'building bridges of cultural understanding'
<[0]=AT0VjwxMK9GV2ICJ22fhN40mdNFw5k7He_OJuePI-R620rCROn6TRm4aaX8kYI_UtrPeaBFqRCoib8C63yS1xceQucm8YIPkOIEIVmG3NEBNV5kYgDTXPEH_P iAiDkSpNnUR-lgktw9FuET_y3UKdhh2UYJEHL17zGO1nUf_TtaPSThcdJTYAjZgYyR289Su5sJwaqhBzJV6QcoxjqteURV0HWLDsi5JT9q9>


Quiet Rooms anthology series:
Due March 30, 2024


April 1:




Lost & Found Mental Health anthology by Castle Carrington Publishing.
April 1, 2024 deadline
Full guidelines here:


April 18:

Poetry Cab has an anthology and National Poetry Month event:


April 26:

Couple anthology calls with monetary prizes, restricted demographics.
Submit if you qualify. Forward if you know folks!

All Military Personnel, Veterans, and their Families: Call for Submissions
and Contest for Volume 13
Deadline April 26, 2024


April 28:

*Quillkeepers Press - Grief Anthology*
Deadline is April 28, 2024
Details and submission form here:

May (no date):

*Feminist Anthology by Purple Ink Press*
Due May 2024
Details and submission form here:

May 15:

*Alameda County Fair* takes place *June 14-July 7, 2024* have already
posted their instructions, so you can get a head start on preparing your
poetry. They also have a wonderful annual Poetry Day at the Fair where the
poets accepted for exhibition get to perform their poetry and usually this
means free fair admission, plus writing workshops. The full calendar will
be posted in the coming months.
*Alameda County Fair Poetry Competition*
Entry & Image Upload Deadline: May 15 @ 5:00 p.m.
Deliver to Building P – West Door Enter through Gate 12 on Valley Avenue
Thursday, May 30th (Appt. Only)
Friday, May 31st 12:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday, June 1st 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Entry Limit: 6 Entries Per Division Per Exhibitor

Size Limit: Poetry frame size is limited to a maximum of 16" x 20"
(length x width).

Weight Limit: 30pounds.

Entries selected for display must be properly wired to hang.

[image: page10image987973520]
5. Cash Awards:
a. Best of Show-$100
b. Silver Award - $50
c. Fair Theme Award - $50
d. Honorable Mention–Ribbon only
e. Judge's Favorite – Ribbon only
Division 207 Class: 01
Register online entries by May 15, 2024
Notification for acceptance is May 22nd.
Deliver entries to fairground May 31 or June 1.
On Display at the Fairgrounds from June 14-July 7. Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm
– 11pm
Pickup is July 9th.
*Read the fine arts guide for framing instructions and calendar. Be sure to
follow instructions to the letter.*
See page 15 of the fine arts guide for framing instructions.
*Registration and fees can be paid here:*
Step by step instructions
There is also the easier option of Poems at the Fair if you go to the fair
and get inspired to write:

Poems at the Fair

Entry Deadline: July 7th @ 11:00 p.m.


To enter, go to the Fine Arts Office in Plaza del Arte during the 2024
Alameda County Fair.

Entrants will receive date-stamped cardstock. Poems are to be written
while at the Fair, and when complete, returned to the Fine Arts Office.
Submit the poem(s), fill out the entry form, and pay the entry fee (cash
or check only).

Entry limit: 6 Entries Per Exhibitor

The first, second, and third place winners will automatically be
accepted into the 2025 Alameda County

Fair Fine Arts Exhibition provided they are framed per the requirements
of the exhibition as stated in

the Department rules.

This is a contest for poems written at the 2024 Alameda County Fair.

Please respect the spirit of this contest and have fun with it.

Judging takes place after the completion of the Fair.

Award winners will be notified by email in late July.

Cash Awards: 1st Place: $25 + Rosette, 2nd Place: $15 + Rosette, 3rd Place:
$10 + Rosette.

Division 213, Class 1 Poems at the Fair


June 1:

Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices is looking for poetry, fiction, poetry in translation, non-fiction, and graphic lit.
Deadline: June 1, 2024


 July 4:

*Simple Simons Press:*
"Words Not Weapons: An Anthology of Peace Poetry."
We'll be accepting submissions starting until July 4, 2024 with a projected
publication date of September 21, 2024 to coincide with the UN
International Day of Peace.
The Words Not Weapons anthology will be a collection featuring poems
expressing poetic visions of peace in the world despite the current
socio-political and economic conditions of the nation and the world. This
anthology seeks to explore how we can pursue peace in the face of the
challenges that we all face. Simple Simons Press is seeking poems that
explore the concept of PEACE.
Poets interested in contributing may submit up to three (3) original poems
no longer than 60 lines in length in any genre or form and a separate bio
of no more than 100 words to Put Words Not
Weapons in the subject line. Please include all necessary contact
information in the body of your email: email address, phone number, and an
address for shipping a contributor copy should your submission(s) be chosen
for publication.
Typed or handwritten poems may be sent to Simple Simons Press, Words Not
Weapons Anthology, 521 Park Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035. You may also submit
your materials via Google Forms at this link:
Previously published poems (in any format) will NOT be accepted. At this
time, we cannot accept poems that were previously published anywhere.
Each poet whose work is published in the anthology will receive one
complimentary printed copy. Upon publication, the anthology will be
available as a Kindle download and as a printed book on Amazon. Pricing
TBD. All published poets will be able to purchase printed contributor
copies for 40% off the list price plus shipping directly through Simple
Simons Press.
Please consider submission. This collection will be the culmination of our
"trilogy" of themed anthologies that began with "Mad As Hell" and continued
with "Hope Springs Eternal." "Words Not Weapons" seeks to follow these two
to their natural conclusion.


July 31:
*Riven: the Holy Land in Crisis*
Due July 31st, 2024
Up to 5 poems. Times New Roman.

August 1:

An Anthology on *Silence*
Silence is not just the absence of something, but as someone once said, "it's
a realm of possibilities, a canvas of emotions, and a mirror to the soul".
Silence has many metaphors, such as "silence is golden.", "silence is
deafening", "silence is a veil of snow", "silence is a mirror"*, *"silence
is a veil of secrecy", "silence is sanctuary", "silence is a lullaby",
etc. With
its many metaphors, silence seems to play a role in our existence and the
way we human beings perceive things.
When God created the earth, he intended it to be silent and peaceful, only
filled with chirps, tweets, cheeps, and warbles; chatters, screeches, and
buzzes; whistling and swoosh of winds, natural sounds of rainfall and
thunder; ribbit, roars, and hoots of owls, woofs, growls and whimpers of
animals; neighs, whines and snorts of horses; cock-a-doodle-dos of
roosters, etc. This silent setting was created for human beings, in
essence, to be a means of reflection and meditation, of seeing or reaching
out towards the inside of oneself, and to find solace, excitement and
happiness within oneself.
Although this silence has, of recent, been subdued by noises from
industries, motor-vehicles, human conversations from market-places, trains
and airplanes, it is important that one seeks a moment of silence, a moment
of inwardness, in which one intermingles with the sprit that lies within
them. It is this same silence or condition of quietude that a creative Muse
can be compelled to visit and inspire a poet to compose. It is in silence
that prayers are offered. It is in silence one finds God. It is in silence
one forgives. It is in silence one dreams. It is in silence that the spirit
of the dead finds its way to Olympus, its resting abode.

 I now want to collect poems on Silence from around the
world. I invite you to write two original poems on "Silence" (no length
restrictions) and send them to me ( and I will
include them in the anthology on "Silence". The title of each poem should
be in capital letters, followed below it by your name and country both in
Italics. Place your bio of 200 words or less at the end of the two poems.
Use Helvetica, font 12. Please edit your work before sending it in one
file, word format, before 1st of August 2024. Subject of your e-mail should
be *Anthology on Silence*.
NB: Your submission is an indication that you have given me permission to
publish your poems in this anthology. I will send a PDF version of the
anthology to each contributor. Those who might want to own a paperback or
hard copy of the anthology will have to purchase it from the publisher or
buy it on-line.
Dr. Christopher Okemwa




Poem a week from Sims Library:

Blue Mountain Review is looking for submissions for poetry, fiction, and artwork. Poetry can be any style, any length. For fiction, please limit your prose to no more than 2,500 words. For the visual arts, they leave this category up to the artist to interpret and submit in standard, easily opened, attachments.
Deadline: Rolling