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Submission Calls — January 2023 and beyond...

I draw all readers’ attention to the following group on Facebook: “Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art):” 35517751475/? multi_permalinks=10157763449366476

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Misc Anthologies, Misc Dates:

Rio Grande poetry festival
Women’s, Queer, Trans, & NB Issues Anthology:
Black Joy anthology:
Playing authors anthology:
Speculative cats
Vampires anthology:
Anthology written by veterans or family members of
100 words or less
The Poeming Pigeon, unlucky numbers and other superstitions:
Home in the world
For poets between the ages of 10 and 25, Moonstone's New Voices anthology:
Anthology about
Spirit anthology:
Unthemed anthology Running With Water:


January 15, 2023 (all): 

Deadline: January 15th

The Rattle Chapbook Prize is back and as amazing as ever. Three winners receive $5,000 and 500 author copies—and one of those winners must be a poet who has never published a full-length book. As always, each chapbook will receive full distribution to all of our 8,000+ subscribers, too. It’s a contest to launch a career, and we get to publish a series of incredible books in the process.


for more, see:


The Summer 2023 issue will feature CryptoPoems. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a way to encode contracts onto the blockchain, creating a decentralized leger of who owns what. This is a technology that might change the way we make and share art, and many poets are exploring the new possibilities. If you’re an cryptopoet, submit your minted poems. If not, learn about it all right along with us when the issue comes out!
Submit at:

February 1, 2023:

Sixteen Rivers Press, a poetry collective, invites Northern California authors to submit book-length poetry manuscripts.
Deadline: February 1, 2023


February 12, 2023: Alien Buddha Gets Rejected Part 2 

Deadline February 12, 2023.
Accepting submissions for previously rejected poems and short stories. *For
each submission please include either your rejection letter **with names
redacted**, or a note about the rejection.*
each person may submit up to 5 pieces
Send your submission as a word doc attachment to

February 20: Love Poetry










Feb 28, 2023:








March 31, 2023:


Peace in the Valley Anthology 2

the LGBTQIA+ community’s experience with radical inclusion, acceptance, and
embrace. The LGBTQIA+ community and allies are urged to submit their
written or artistic work for consideration. ​​​

There is no submission fee​

We do not accept simultaneous submissions, let us know immediately if
your work is published or accepted elsewhere

All submissions must include a short and current bio, pen name, physical
address, email address, and phone number

All work must be your own and previously unpublished

Prose Format (Poetry, Short Stories, Sermons, Chants, Prayers, Personal
Accounts, or Essays)- Submit your work in MS Word (.doc, .docx) or Open
Office format. Use 12 font, single spaced, Times New Roman with one- inch
margins. Please include your name within the footer of the document. Word
count is limited to 5000 words.

Art Format- Files submitted should be either JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png)
format, 900-1500 pixels wide, 300 dpi or greater. We reserve the right edit
or crop submissions to fit the page. ​

Published work will receive a one-time payment of $25 per work.

The anthology retains first publishing rights on works published in print
or online, with non-exclusive rights to reproduce, display, and or
distribute the submission(s) as a part of the anthology in electronic
format. Publishing rights revert back to the submitter, twelve months (12)
after initial publication.
​Only submissions submitted electronically via email to will be accepted. All submitters will receive a
response with the status of their acceptance or non-acceptance within 60
days. We are requesting a twelve month (12) exclusive publication period
from the publication date. After this period, you can reprint your
submission elsewhere.




Blue Mountain Review is looking for submissions for poetry, fiction, and artwork. Poetry can be any style, any length. For fiction, please limit your prose to no more than 2,500 words. For the visual arts, they leave this category up to the artist to interpret and submit in standard, easily opened, attachments.
Deadline: Rolling