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Submission Calls — March 2024 and beyond...

I draw all readers’ attention to the following group on Facebook: “Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art):” 35517751475/? multi_permalinks=10157763449366476


Please note: by far, the greatest bulk of this information comes from the Vallejo Poetry Society, though I also have my own sources. All thanks to them!  --DLF, Editor



Here is a resource from California Writers Club for writers and poets who would like to submit previously published work:

calls-for-pitches-directly-from-editors-up-to-1-per-word-2/ 26 Literary Journals Open to Publishing Reprints

*Dark Thirty Publishing, Adam Shove:*
With a new year comes a call for a new anthology, so this year my theme is
starting again. I have found over the past few months so many of my friends
and poets in my community were in various states of flux in their personal
lives. The project doesn't currently have a title, though I think it'll
come from a submission this time, and the money made from it will go to
either a women's domestic violence charity or Shelter. The submissions will
be open for the full year with a release date for 2025. I can't wait to see
what you all submit.
As always a maximum of five poems, no word count, no line count and email
through to
The Bayard Rustin Symposium is asking for poets. The annual event will take
place this year on April 6, 2024 at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum
at 734 Marin Street. 11 AM to 10 PM. If interested contact Anna Bergman for
details at The late Q.R. Hand performed at the
event in the past.
For any of you who may be unfamiliar with the Civil Rights activist Bayard
Rustin, here is his Wikipedia.
The 2023 biopic about him called *Rustin* is currently streaming on Netflix.



Poets for Science is collecting poems here:




The Chicken Soup series has open submission calls on Various topics:
Cats - June 30th
Dogs - June 30th
Winter Holidays - April 30th
Funny Stories - April 30th
Read these three links to get an idea of what they are looking for:
- Story Guidelines
- Submissions FAQ <>
- Submit Your Story
They do not send rejection notices, so if you hear nothing after a few
months, assume you were not selected. If you are selected, it is a paid
opportunity. Publication happens between 6 months and 2 years after the


Links in this bulletin are not live. Copy and paste into your browser.

Coming up Soon

March 24:



 Voices Israel unthemed anthology series- Deadline March 24, 2024

March 29:




If you wish to perform at this year’s Solano County fair, here is the link.





March 30: (2)



*Inner Child Press ." Being Human anthology*
Being Human . . . a poetic plea for humanity . . .
Note, the theme is as the title says!!!
Open for Submissions February 1st, 2024
Closing : March 30th, 2024
Publishing May 2024
  Bio of 50 words or less
Picture of the Poet
(please send submissions as an attachment)
This project is wholly underwritten by . . .
Inner Child Press International
'building bridges of cultural understanding'
<[0]=AT0VjwxMK9GV2ICJ22fhN40mdNFw5k7He_OJuePI-R620rCROn6TRm4aaX8kYI_UtrPeaBFqRCoib8C63yS1xceQucm8YIPkOIEIVmG3NEBNV5kYgDTXPEH_P iAiDkSpNnUR-lgktw9FuET_y3UKdhh2UYJEHL17zGO1nUf_TtaPSThcdJTYAjZgYyR289Su5sJwaqhBzJV6QcoxjqteURV0HWLDsi5JT9q9>






Quiet Rooms anthology series:
Due March 30, 2024



March 31: (5)

2024 Nat’l & Int’l Goddess Anthology



Poem has to convey .="." positive message. (The subject must be Goddess/Woman/She/Her/It related)
Send your best edited poem, 100 Lines or Less
to be considered.
A short 1-6 line bio written in the 3rd person.
Include your submission as an (Word Doc) attachment
and also copy it into the body of the email.
Write Goddess 2024 in the subject line.
Send your Submission to:
Deadline to Submit to the Nat’l & Int’l Goddess Anthology is Friday March 31, 2024




Greetings and salutations, writers, poets, and artists!


According to our records, you submitted your work to .="." past issue of Suisun Valley Review. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We now invite you to submit again for consideration in our upcoming 2024 issue of which the submission period closes March 31st, 2024.


For your convenience, here are the submission guidelines for the current year:

SVR is primarily .="." literary magazine and accepts submissions in poetry, prose, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Submissions should adhere to the following guidelines: .="."
  1. If submitting via Submittable - The link can be found here.

  2. If submitting via email .="." Works should be in the .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

  3. If submitting physically via US mail within .="." self-addressed stamped envelope. (SASE)

  4. Successful submissions in prose and fiction typically do not exceed 3,500 words, and we typically do not accept more than eight poems per poet. Due to volume received, literary work will not be returned.

  5. We will not accept any submissions utilizing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, etc.) in any capacity.

Regardless of submission method, your work must be accompanied by .="." cover letter including the contributor's name, address, phone number, and email, as well as two to three lines of biographical information. 



Solano College student status is not required for publication in SVR. However, if you are an SCC student, please indicate as such to be eligible for the Quinton Duval Award in Creative Writing. Simultaneous submissions are allowed so long as the work is withdrawn if accepted for publication elsewhere. Editors will respond in approximately four to six weeks after receipt of submissions.


SVR also accepts submissions in photography, fine art, and 3-D art. Visual art must be submitted electronically and at sufficient size and resolution for printing (~300 ppi at 4x6 inches) in any uncompressed format. .="." submitted image may be selected for the cover of the magazine unless the artist requests otherwise. SVR publishes images in full color. We request no more than five images per artist be submitted at this time. As with literary submissions, we will not accept any pieces utilizing A.I. (Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, etc.) in any capacity.


Authors and artists of accepted submissions receive two copies of the magazine gratis and will be invited to present their work at .="." publication release to occur in May 2024 at the Solano Community College Library (Building 100). 


Electronic submissions are preferred via our Submittable page or emailed to 

We look forward to reviewing your submissions for the 2024 Suisun Valley Review! .="."




Suisun Valley Review Editors, 2024




Calling all authors! Nyra Publishers invites you to submit your English poems and short stories for our upcoming anthology: ">Calling all authors! Nyra Publishers invites you to submit your English poems and short stories for our upcoming anthology: " of="">Calling all authors! Nyra Publishers invites you to submit your English poems and short stories for our upcoming anthology: " of="" a="">Calling all authors! Nyra Publishers invites you to submit your English poems and short stories for our upcoming anthology: " hues festival>Calling all authors! Nyra Publishers invites you to submit your English poems and short stories for our upcoming anthology: " hues festival dir="auto">Calling all authors! Nyra Publishers invites you to submit your English poems and short stories for our upcoming anthology: "Hues of Spring: .="." Festival of Colours." Celebrate the vibrancy of Holi and the enchantment of Spring with us. Submissions open now!
Submission link .Submission link <span rel=">Submission link .Submission link <span rel=" nofollow>Submission link .Submission link  
And they have announced their Ninth Annual Kyoto Writing Competition!
You could win up to  ¥50,000 cash prize, plus  one-year complimentary WiK membership (April 2024-March 2025),  complimentary space in an upcoming Book Proposal Masterclass (valued more than 120,000 JPY) by Beth Kempton, an The Nature of Kyoto (Writers in Kyoto Anthology 5).
DEADLINE: March 31st, 2024 (23:59 JST)
WORD LIMIT: 300 Words (to fit on .="." single page)
Interested in entering?







Tales on the Yellow Brick Road anthology
Deadline March 31




Anthology only open to those with Palestinian heritage:
Deadline is March 31





The Revolutionary Poets Brigade’s new anthology “For All” will celebrate and affirm our shared humanity and our shared responsibility to nurture the Earth and each other. 

Poetry is the music of speech, and we thought it would be interesting to explore music more broadly, with a tribute to musicians. If you’ve worked professionally as a musician, submit any previously uncurated poems you’d like—the topic doesn’t matter; we want to see how the ear for music influences whatever you’re writing. Use the note to explain your background and your thoughts on the relationship between the two artforms.
Deadline: April 15, 2024

Green Linden Press is looking for poetry to be published in their online journal Under a Warm Green Linden.
Deadline: April 15, 2024

April 26:

All Military Personnel, Veterans, and their Families: Call for Submissions and Contest for Volume 13
Deadline April 26, 2024

April 30: (7)

Woody Guthrie Poets annual anthology call. You must be available to attend the reading in person in July in Oklahoma. 
2024 Woody Guthrie Festival Poetry Reading
Call for Submissions.
Deadline: April 30, 2024.
Theme: All You Fascists Born to Lose!
Woody Guthrie, balladeer, poet and Oklahoma folk hero, was a champion of disenfranchised, minorities and the working class and an advocate for justice, using his music to speak out against injustice in its many forms. This intense focus on injustice made Guthrie more than a songster, more than a poet and more than the “entertainer” he often portrayed. He was a radical socialist activist on behalf of working people, the poor, and the disenfranchised. He protested the inequality he saw and registered his resistance to the injustice and mistreatment of his fellow humans through his songs and poetry.
Woody famously adorned his guitar with the phrase “This Machine Kills Fascists.” But, unfortunately, as current events continually remind us, the fight is far from over. This is a frustrating fact; it is, perhaps, overwhelming, disheartening. But Woody reminds us, in “All You Fascists,” that with vigilance, commitment, and integrity, the outcome is certain:
I'm gonna tell you fascists
You may be surprised
The people in this world
Are getting organized
You're bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose
To that end, the “Woody Guthrie Poets” are called upon to reconvene, to read and recite poetry at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK, and other venues in Oklahoma reaffirming this belief. In conjunction with the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival held in Okemah, the Woody Guthrie Poetry Group (“Woody Poets”) who have read poetry as part of the celebration since 2005, will perform on Friday evening, July 12, in Oklahoma City; on Saturday, July 13, in Okemah, and on Sunday, July 14, at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa.
This Year’s Theme: We have chosen as this year’s theme: “All You Fascists Bound to Lose.”
Poets are invited to submit up to three poems that reflect, either directly or indirectly, on this theme. Poems will be judged by a panel review of committee members. No poems read at previous Festivals or published in previous anthologies will be accepted for this year’s readings.
How to Submit: Please submit your poems in an attachment to Please also include a short bio and your snail-mail address. Send emails to the same address if you have questions. Please look at your calendar before submitting to make sure you can actually be present at any of the venues on July 12-14. Your actual physical presence is required in order to be included. There will be no accommodation for ghost reading.
Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of submissions as well as limited time constraints for the readings, not everyone who submits will be accepted, and we cannot accommodate special scheduling requests. Thank you for understanding.
Love Poetry anthology:
Anthology Alert—call for prose, poetry & artwork. The theme is LOVE ❤️. Deadline 4/30/24. Paid.
LoveNotes!—Real Stories. Real People. Real Love. ❤️
Submit your:
❤️ True love stories (1000 words or fewer
❤️ Love Poems
❤️Artwork about love illustrations/paintings
❤️ Comics about love
Email to Subject line: LoveNotes Submission
Find more information at
Here’s looking for proof of love.
Thank you,
Pure Slush Older anthology:
Deadline April 30th




OpensMarch 1st 2024, midnight EST 

ClosesApril 30, 2024, midnight IDLW

Compensation: $10 USD

Theme: Adult speculative poetry

Submissions must be under 50 lines

OPEN to any and everyone that identifies (now or in the past) as femme in the most inclusive of definitions.

Expected release: March 2024

Submit to


HEMORRHAGING FLOWERS: A COLLECTION OF 100% FEMME RAGE is a collection of speculative poetry showcasing the spectrum of femininity and the rage contained within.


What we are looking for:

First exclusive (1 year) US rights for poems inspired by feminine rage. All speculative tropes are welcome.


Submissions must be under 50 lines.




Scurfpea Publishing annual anthology
Deadline April 30
Dimensionfold Eccentric Orbits Sci-fi poetry anthology
Opens February 1.
Deadline April 30.

May, June


May 15:


Alameda County Fair Poetry Competition

Entry & Image Upload Deadline: May 15 @ 5:00 p.m.

Deliver to Building P – West Door Enter through Gate 12 on Valley Avenue

Thursday, May 30th (Appt. Only)

Friday, May 31st 12:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday, June 1st 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  1. Entry Limit: 6 Entries Per Division Per Exhibitor

  2. Size Limit: Poetry frame size is limited to a maximum of 16” x 20” (length x width).

  3. Weight Limit: 30pounds.

  4. Entries selected for display must be properly wired to hang.

 5. Cash Awards:

a. Best of Show-$100
b. Silver Award - $50
c. Fair Theme Award - $50
d. Honorable Mention–Ribbon only 

e. Judge’s Favorite – Ribbon only

Division 207 Class: 01

Register online entries by May 15, 2024

Notification for acceptance is May 22nd.

Deliver entries to fairground May 31 or June 1. 

On Display at the Fairgrounds from June 14-July 7. Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm – 11pm

Pickup is July 9th. 

Read the fine arts guide for framing instructions and calendar. Be sure to follow instructions to the letter.

See page 15 of the fine arts guide for framing instructions.

Registration and fees can be paid here:

Step by step instructions here:


There is also the easier option of Poems at the Fair if you go to the fair and get inspired to write:

  1. Poems at the Fair

    Entry Deadline: July 7th @ 11:00 p.m.

  1. To enter, go to the Fine Arts Office in Plaza del Arte during the 2024 Alameda County Fair.

  2. Entrants will receive date-stamped cardstock. Poems are to be written while at the Fair, and when complete, returned to the Fine Arts Office. Submit the poem(s), fill out the entry form, and pay the entry fee (cash or check only).

  3. Entry limit: 6 Entries Per Exhibitor

  4. The first, second, and third place winners will automatically be accepted into the 2025 Alameda County

    Fair Fine Arts Exhibition provided they are framed per the requirements of the exhibition as stated in

    the Department rules.

  5. This is a contest for poems written at the 2024 Alameda County Fair.

    1. Please respect the spirit of this contest and have fun with it.

    2. Judging takes place after the completion of the Fair.

    3. Award winners will be notified by email in late July.

  6. Cash Awards: 1st Place: $25 + Rosette, 2nd Place: $15 + Rosette, 3rd Place: $10 + Rosette.

    Division 213, Class 1 Poems at the Fair

June 30: Gnashing Teeth Publishing
The Cost of Our Baggage - Opening SOON


We are opening a short submission window for our next anthology, The Cost of Our Baggage. Poems about those things we carry with us through life: physical, emotional, metaphorical.  A teddy bear you’ve had since you were a child, the resentment at a family member who let you down, the fear that keeps you awake at night. All of these come with a cost. Free yourself. Tell us about it.  Submissions will open May 1st and close June 30th. Keep an eye out for the call and exact submission guidelines.


general submission guidelines

please refer to each specific call for additional guidelines

Gnashing Teeth Publishing accepts submissions of full-length and chapbook manuscripts. We are looking for poetry, flash fiction, short story collections, or hybrids. Please read the guidelines before submitting.

Poetry: we accept poetry of all varieties. There are no page constraints for manuscripts of full-length books. Chapbooks should be between 30-80 pages.

Use 12-point font in Times New Roman or Arial. Do not include any identifying information on the manuscript and please send them in a .doc or .docx format.

July, August

July 1: (2)


The creator of LA Poetry Beach Festival has an anthology call with the theme of protesting evictions.

Deadline is July 1st.




MiddleWest Press:
300 words max 
Midwest Futures: Poems from Tomorrow's Heartland.
Deadline for submissions is Jul. 1, 2024. Publication is projected for Spring/Summer 2025.
Submit via Submittable here at this link.
This is explicitly a speculative poetry (and related micro-flash-prose) market, human-generated poems and micro-prose (300 words max.) engaging with themes of environmentalism, climate change, technology, and more through a lens of Midwestern experience.

Full guidelines here:


July 4:

Simple Simon's Press:

"Words Not Weapons: An Anthology of Peace Poetry."
We'll be accepting submissions starting until July 4, 2024 with a projected publication date of September 21, 2024 to coincide with the UN International Day of Peace.
The Words Not Weapons anthology will be a collection featuring poems expressing poetic visions of peace in the world despite the current socio-political and economic conditions of the nation and the world. This anthology seeks to explore how we can pursue peace in the face of the challenges that we all face. Simple Simons Press is seeking poems that explore the concept of PEACE.
Poets interested in contributing may submit up to three (3) original poems no longer than 60 lines in length in any genre or form and a separate bio of no more than 100 words to Put Words Not Weapons in the subject line. Please include all necessary contact information in the body of your email: email address, phone number, and an address for shipping a contributor copy should your submission(s) be chosen for publication. 
Typed or handwritten poems may be sent to Simple Simons Press, Words Not Weapons Anthology, 521 Park Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035. You may also submit your materials via Google Forms at this link: 
Previously published poems (in any format) will NOT be accepted. At this time, we cannot accept poems that were previously published anywhere.
Each poet whose work is published in the anthology will receive one complimentary printed copy. Upon publication, the anthology will be available as a Kindle download and as a printed book on Amazon. Pricing TBD. All published poets will be able to purchase printed contributor copies for 40% off the list price plus shipping directly through Simple Simons Press.
Please consider submission. This collection will be the culmination of our "trilogy" of themed anthologies that began with "Mad As Hell" and continued with "Hope Springs Eternal." "Words Not Weapons" seeks to follow these two to their natural conclusion.

July 31:

Riven: the Holy Land in Crisis
Due July 31st, 2024
Up to 5 poems. Times New Roman.


August 1:


An Anthology on Silence

Silence is not just the absence of something, but as someone once said, “it’s a realm of possibilities, a canvas of emotions, and a mirror to the soul”. Silence has many metaphors, such as “silence is golden.”, “silence is deafening”, “silence is a veil of snow”, “silence is a mirror”, “silence is a veil of secrecy”, “silence is sanctuary”, “silence is a lullaby”, etc. With its many metaphors, silence seems to play a role in our existence and the way we human beings perceive things.

When God created the earth, he intended it to be silent and peaceful, only filled with chirps, tweets, cheeps, and warbles; chatters, screeches, and buzzes; whistling and swoosh of winds, natural sounds of rainfall and thunder; ribbit, roars, and hoots of owls, woofs, growls and whimpers of animals; neighs, whines and snorts of horses; cock-a-doodle-dos of roosters, etc. This  silent setting was created for human beings, in essence, to be a means of reflection and meditation, of seeing or reaching out towards the inside of oneself, and to find solace, excitement and happiness within oneself.

Although this silence has, of recent, been subdued by noises from industries, motor-vehicles, human conversations from market-places, trains and airplanes, it is important that one seeks a moment of silence, a moment of inwardness, in which one intermingles with the sprit that lies within them. It is this same silence or condition of quietude that a creative Muse can be compelled to visit and inspire a poet to compose. It is in silence that prayers are offered. It is in silence one finds God. It is in silence one forgives. It is in silence one dreams. It is in silence that the spirit of the dead finds its way to Olympus, its resting abode.

I now want to collect poems on Silence from around the world. I invite you to write two original poems on “Silence” (no length restrictions) and send them to me ( and I will include them in the anthology on “Silence”. The title of each poem should be in capital letters, followed below it by your name and country both in Italics. Place your bio of 200 words or less at the end of the two poems. Use Helvetica, font 12. Please edit your work before sending it in one file, word format, before 1st of August 2024. Subject of your e-mail should be Anthology on Silence.

NB: Your submission is an indication that you have given me permission to publish your poems in this anthology. I will send a PDF version of the anthology to each contributor. Those who might want to own a paperback or hard copy of the anthology will have to purchase it from the publisher or buy it on-line.

Dr. Christopher Okemwa



September 1: